Frequently Asked Questions


What is an Assessment?
Are 'Dues' different than 'Assessments?'

Association Types

What is a Homeowners Association (HOA)?
What is a Community Association?
What is a Neighborhood Association?
What is the difference between a Homeowners Association and a Neighborhood Association?

Association Management Questions

What is Association Management?
What is an Association Management Company and what do they do?
Does my community have an Association Management Company, and if so, how do I contact them?
What is a 'Managing Agent?'
What is a 'Proxy?'
What is a 'Quorum?'
What is a 'Recuse?'

Board Of Directors

What is a Board of Directors?
How do I contact my Board of Directors?


What is CAI?
How do I contact my Board of Directors?

Association Legal Documents

What are CC&Rs?
What are Governing Documents?
What Are 'ByLaws'?
What is a Lien?
What is the 'Declaration?'
What is an Estoppel letter?
What is an 'Easement?'
What is a 'Notice of Noncompliance?'

Association Legal Documents

What is a 'Common Area?'
What are Ordinances?