Four Frequently Asked Questions for HOA Management Companies

HOA Management Company FAQ’S

When questions get clear answers early on, it helps avoid confusion and makes people feel more secure. It’s all about being open and working together to make the community better. Getting those answers out there early makes everything smoother for everyone.

Here are the TOP 4 Frequently Asked Questions as an HOA Management Company

  1. What services do you offer as an HOA Management Company?
    At RPMG, we provide a comprehensive suite of services to our homeowners association and condominium association clients, including the entire accounting, customer service, and property management functions. We work closely with our clients’ Board of Directors in helping the Board imagine, shape, and implement their strategic vision for their community.
  2. What are the benefits of Hiring RPMG as our HOA Management Company?
    Our approach to community association management combines best-in-class training and technology and a management philosophy focused on proactive and preventive maintenance. As a New Jersey based boutique firm with a growing team of dedicated professionals and whose principals are easily accessible and hands-on, our commitment to the success of the communities we manage is second to none.
  3. How are Fees structured?
    Our fees are structured based on a combination of factors including the size of the community, number and size of amenities, number of meetings required, and on-site presence requirements.
  4. Can an HOA customize service offered by RPMG?
    Yes, our sales team will work with your Board to understand the specific needs of the community and custom-tailor our proposal of services based on those needs.

Understanding the right questions to ask and what to look for in an HOA Management Company can significantly impact your community’s quality of life and satisfaction. The right partnership can lead to a harmonious, well-maintained community where residents feel valued and heard. We hope these FAQs have provided you with a solid foundation to start your search or evaluate your current management company.

Ready to explore your options or ensure your current HOA management is up to par? Contact us today for a comprehensive assessment or to request a proposal tailored to your community’s unique needs. Let’s work together to bring out the best in your HOA.